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Peace, Department of Peace

California Postcards for Peace

Action Alert From the
California State Campaign for a Department of Peace

Postcards for PeacePOSTCARDS for PEACEPostcards to Senator Barbara Boxer


All it takes is a postcard from YOU and your friends!
Our GOAL is to get 5,000 postcards to Senator Barbara Boxer
in the next two weeks. How many can you get? 10, 50, 100?

* Already just ONE person has inspired over three hundred postcards to be sent *

Every person makes a huge difference in this grassroots, non-partisan effort!
Thank you for joining us in our Postcards for Peace Blitz!

Here's all it takes: Buy postcards from most any store for you and your friends. . . then. . . fill them out, it's just three easy sentences, written from your heart:

  1. Describe a recent incidence of violence (e.g., school shooting, domestic violence, war, unfortunately, such incidents are frequent) that you feel most strongly about;
  2. Next, explain how a Department of Peace would help reduce or even eliminate this type of violence from occurring in the first place;
  3. Finally, ask Senator Barbara Boxer to introduce or co-sponsor the bill in the Senate
    Be sure to include your return address. Otherwise, it will be discarded. A postcard stamp is 24 cents but a first class 39 cent stamp works too!
Address the postcard to:
Senator Barbara Boxer
112 Hart Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-0505

From the efforts of Danielle Gram in her high school...

Yesterday, I brought 120 pre-postmarked cards to school to try to see if any teachers would allow me to present about the Dept. of Peace in my classes. Not only did every single teacher allow me to take class time to explain the bill, teach students how to write to a senator, and ask for their future support, but all of the teachers asked me to speak to their other classes too. By the end of the day, I was already entirely out of the 120 cards,...so I went to get more. These teens all have something powerful to say and are desperately asking Senator Boxer for her support.

If one teen can get 300 postcards sent how many can you get??


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